There is so much debate in education, whether we are talking about public education, private education, inequalities in what is offered to children, or high stakes testing, teacher and administrator evaluation and property tax caps. Some adults have a tendency to focus on the negative side of debates and sometimes they vilify people in the process. Finding Common Ground is not about vilifying people but searching for a common understanding.

As educators we have a positive or negative impact on our students and it is up to us to decide which one is the way we wish to be remembered. Three days a week, Peter explores issues that cover the emotional and social issues children face. He has focused on high-stakes testing, teacher and administrator evaluation, safeguarding LGBT students, drop-out prevention, school discipline, reaching students who are at-risk, using social networking for students and educators and other topics that effect educators, students and parents every day.

Finding Common Ground is read nationally and internationally. He enjoys hearing from readers, so if you like/dislike something you read on Finding Common Ground, 
contact him. Hopefully we can all find some common ground together. 

“Whatever he writes is grounded in deep experience and respect for students, parents, and teachers. Peter is especially concerned with the social and emotional well-being of his students. That puts him out of the mainstream today, where the only thing that matters is test scores. He sees the big issues from the perspective of how they affect students. He cares too much about kids to command the attention of the powers that be. That says a lot about where we are today. We are fortunate to have someone with his wisdom regularly speaking out about the issues.” 

Diane Ravitch

"Peter DeWitt is one of the brightest minds in education.  His insights are relevant and current. There is no one I would rather read in the field of education today." Todd Whitaker

"Peter is among the best communicators. See his Ed Week blog for evidence of this."

​John Hattie. 

Author/Consultant/Workshop Facilitator/Keynote Speaker