Author/Leadership Coach/Workshop Facilitator/Keynote Speaker

We know that access to leadership is critical to inspiring you and your work. That is why we created “A Seat at the Table With Education Week”—a live, online video conversation and webinar with experts in the field, including your fellow practitioners. These conversations provide you with the opportunity to engage directly with educators and researchers on a range of topics and issues that matter most to you. Peter DeWitt, Ed.D facilitates conversations with leading experts in their field, and no topic is off limits. Whether it's race, equity, sexuality, gender, school leadership, well-being, assessment or countless other topics in education, DeWitt and his guests engage in deep conversations that will help educators get a better understanding of the challenges and how to overcome them. 

Even during these challenging times, you know that a better education for all students is possible. And we do, too.

Join the conversation. Break down the barriers. Shape the future of education.

Fields of interest vary widely on a range of topics you'll see below.

Tune in regularly for this virtual chat, a free-form discussion between educators, researchers, and leaders from the K-12 world.

• No presentations.
• No handouts.
• Just compelling idea exchange.

Ask your questions and engage with leading-edge practitioners and cutting-edge thinkers who, like you, want to make a difference in—and out—of schools today. 

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